Effects of hormones on the acne.

Effects of hormones on the acne.

Most of the times, the cause of acne on your face, would be your hormonal fluctuations. Not all hormonal fluctuations can be controlled; some of them can be controlled by slightly altering your lifestyle. But some hormonal fluctuations are quite normal, and has to happen, for the normal functioning of the body.
The acne that cannot be treated through changing your food habits or lifestyles has to be dealt with a laser treatment. Laser treatment is an effective option for acne and its scars. To know how effective, a laser treatment can be, you can read here, acne treatment singapore.

Below is the information about different hormones and their role in acne formation or control-

Acne and testosterone-
The sebaceous glands under the skin can synthesize testosterone themselves from dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA); this metabolism occurs when the body is stressed. The testosterone produced so, can increase the sebum(oil) production in the skin, which in turn clogs the pores. Along with the sebum, the skin also releases chemicals related to inflammation.
If a woman is secreting testosterone in high concentration, it indicates a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS). This condition is usually observed in women who are in their 20s and 30s. By getting treated for PCOS, acne formation can be controlled.

Acne and Cortisol-
It is normal for an acne to cause stress, but it is equally normal for stress to cause an acne.
When the body is stressed, the brain senses it, and instructs adrenal glands to synthesize the stress hormone, Cortisol. Cortisol increases the sebum production.
Even the skin alone can get stressed due to interaction with harsh chemicals like strong scented soaps, detergents or alcohol; it also releases corticotrophin stimulating hormone, just like the brain; this hormone leads the mast cells to releases the inflammatory chemicals.
To avoid the acne, one must avoid contact with harsh chemicals and must stay calm during stressful situations.

Acne and Melatonin-
Melatonin is a sleep hormone that is synthesized by the brain in darkness when asleep. This hormone reduces the effect of cortisol and controls the production of cortisol and testosterone.
So, a good sleep of 7-8 hours every day can prevent acne formation.…